Originally published at Hamor Photography Blog on August 30, 2020.

A weekly compilation of photography, journalism, and content creation news and resources written or curated by Sean Sosik-Hamor. Not everything posted is breaking news but is something that piqued Sean’s interest while researching or fact-checking other stories.

Be Sure To Get Comprehensive, Itemized Quotes When Working With Local Businesses

By Sean Sosik-Hamor for Hamor Photography

My cousin, Brian Hamor, runs Hamor Architecture Associates LLC in Stowe, Vermont. He recently reached out, and asked for PC and monitor upgrade recommendations for AutoCAD, Archicad, Photoshop, and general office tasks.

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Resources for Humans Virtual Conference

People Strategy in the New World of Work

Register today to hear from 40+ speakers in 15+ sessions, virtually network with thousands of peers, and earn SHRM & HRCI credits. Plus, it’s free!

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News of the Resources for Humans Virtual Conference was posted on the Kindly Ops Collective Discord, and I couldn’t wait to sign up. The day kicks off with webinar sessions and finishes with a conversation with Trevor Noah, comedian and host of The Daily Show.

With sessions such as Tackling Unconscious Bias in Hiring and Performance Management, Morale and Motivation in the New World of Work, and Managing L&D Effectively With Remote Teams, this is a must-attend event!

America Is Facing a Record Shortage of Poll Workers

Help democracy in your community. Sign up to Power the Polls.

As coronavirus continues to impact Americans across the country, we are also seeing a staggering decrease in poll workers — which could mean closed polling places and long delays for elections in 2020. You can help make sure we have a safe, fair, efficient election for all voters, and potentially get paid to do it.

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Journalism, and reporting the unbiased truth, is critical for democracy. But democracy doesn’t function if voters aren’t heard.

With the president speaking out against mail-in voting, and the intentional closing of polling sites in communities of color, you can help make sure that there are enough poll workers for polling places that are scheduled to open. In a September, 1999 report of 13 states where information was available, it was found that 1,688 polling sites across have closed in the six years since the Shelby County v. Holder decision removed voter protections, making it harder for Black and other racio-ethnic minority voters to vote.

Gerrymandering aside, the ability to staff polling places isn’t a partisan issue. This isn’t about right-wing or left-wing. This isn’t about Republican or Democrat. Staffing is about guaranteeing that voters of all backgrounds are fairly given their voice, and making sure that those voices are counted fairly and efficiently.

I’ve already signed up to be a poll worker and, if you’re in a low-risk demographic for COVID-19, I ask that you consider doing the same, regardless of your political affiliation.

Adobe MAX — The Creativity Conference

Expect the unexpected. October 20–22.

Register now to join Adobe’s free virtual event, including three days of musical performances, celebrity appearances, and luminary speakers spanning 350+ sessions. I’m looking forward to the talks by Annie Leibovitz and Keanu Reeves, as well as the photography and social media tracks. And, for my nephew, a student and YouTuber, I’m recommending:

  • One Student’s Journey: How Digital Literacy Assignments Can Propel Success
  • Creating Change: Empowering Students to Make a Difference
  • Mobile Shooting 101: Shooting Awesome Videos with Your Phone
  • How to Be the Social Content Creator That Brands Love
  • How to Make Instagram Stories That People Can’t Stop Watching

Adobe Creative Cloud Updates

Be sure to check your Adobe Creative Cloud dashboard for this week’s major update, including Adobe Camera Raw support for new cameras and lenses!

Sean Sosik-Hamor is a former employee of Canonical. Working within Canonical’s IS Team Alpha Squad, Sean’s focus was end-to-end logistics, planning, implementation, and photography for corporate events, summits, conventions, data centers, facilities, and equipment transport, as well as constructing offices and data centers.

He is currently entertaining offers for full-time positions within the photography, event, and data center fields.

Originally published at Hamor Photography Blog on August 30, 2020.




Cyber Security Engineer, Data Center Engineer, Photographer, Event Logistics, and Event Networks

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Sean Sosik-Hamor

Sean Sosik-Hamor

Cyber Security Engineer, Data Center Engineer, Photographer, Event Logistics, and Event Networks

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